Common System and Software Testing Pitfalls

In the preface of “Common System and Software Testing Pitfalls”, Donald G. Firesmith writes “You can think of this book as a catalog and repository of testing antipatterns: the pitfalls to avoid, how to mitigate their negative consequences if you can’t avoid them, and how to escape from them once you’ve fallen in. Like a […]

Executable Specifications with Scrum

Executable Specifications with Scrum starts with a strong statement: “This book aims to solve the recurring challenge encountered by many software development teams: They do not build the right software.” This is an ambitious goal, especially when you want to achieve it in a little bit more than 100 pages.

Getting Value Out Of Agile Retrospectives

Esther Derby writes in the foreword: ” Effective retrospectives help teams short-circuit ingrained patterns of thinking. They broaden each team member’s perspective, and help teams think, learn, decide, and act together”. Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives is a free e-book written by Luis Gonçalves and Ben Linders that offers guidance to help Agile and […]