The Process of Software Architecting

This book presents the influence of architecture in the software development process. The interesting aspect of this book is that is it a thoroughly presentation of the architecture role in the software development activities, not only at initial analytic stage but also at the subsequent tasks like software testing or configuration management. The book is very well structured and is certainly an excellent text book for students or for developers that are interested in getting an extensive presentation of software architecture.

What I missed in the book is the presence of more “real life user stories” examples that could relate the different topics presented in the book. There is a case study used to implementing the practices, but it remains abstract to me. People looking to have more insight of what is “enough architecture” will not find some ideas on how to get the answer in this book.

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Reference: “The Process of Software Architecting”, Peter Eeles and Peter Cripps, Addison-Wesley, 405 pages