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The Rise and Fall of Software Recipes

His name is Darius Blasband and he is a codeaholic. This is how one of the first chapter of the book The Rise and Fall of Software Recipes is titled. You should therefore expect to read this

Keeping Software Soft

Why should we keep software soft? Because software should be easy to change. This is how this book from Jason Roberts starts. In the first page, he writes ” If you want to make developing software a

97 Things Every Programmer Should Know – Extended

Based on the original concept of “97 Things Every Programmer Should Know” developed by Kevin Henley, Shirish Padalkar presents in this book 68 essays about software development that were part of the original project, but were not

Refactoring Ruby Edition

Drawing on the original Refactoring book that used Java as the programming language for examples, this new edition explains how to apply refactoring techniques in a Ruby context, adding some refactoring that are specific to this language.