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Agile Culture

This book about Agile Culture is based on two major ideas: In today’s rapidly changing world, we need to unleash the talent of everyone in the organization. The combination of a culture of trust and everyone knowing

Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust

The late Watts S. Humphrey has been an important personality of the software development world. He led the development of the Software Capability Maturity Model (CMMI), an internationally recognized standard in the field of software process improvement.

Management 3.0

In his foreword, Robert C. Martin wrote that he hates management book, but “this book is smart”. I think that this book might be smart because Jurgen is smart. To start with a full disclosure, I have

Succeeding with Agile

Now that Agile has established itself as the dominant new trend in software development, the number of books that deal with this topic is increasing every day. Besides the fact that Mike Cohn is a recognized expert