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Introduction to Agile Methods

With their book “Introduction to Agile Methods”, Sondra Ashmore and Kristin Runyan have the goal to provide an introduction of the wide landscape of Agile software development approaches. A very ambitious goal in my mind. From the

Being Agile: Eleven Breakthrough Techniques to Keep You from “Waterfalling Backward”

The goal of the book Eleven Breakthrough Techniques to Keep You from Waterfalling Backward is clearly stated in its first page: “Transforming from a waterfall-based methodology to agile is no small undertaking. This book is for people

Executable Specifications with Scrum

Executable Specifications with Scrum starts with a strong statement: “This book aims to solve the recurring challenge encountered by many software development teams: They do not build the right software.” This is an ambitious goal, especially when

Getting Value Out Of Agile Retrospectives

Esther Derby writes in the foreword: ” Effective retrospectives help teams short-circuit ingrained patterns of thinking. They broaden each team member’s perspective, and help teams think, learn, decide, and act together”. Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives